Miele Night!

Hey Appliance Fans,

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the word, `snazzy’.

It’s no secret that I love Miele Appliances (rhymes with tequila – I love using tequila as an example instead of Sheila).  Not only do they feature snazzy styling, each of their appliances overflow with tons of useful technology; their ranges are just one example.

I’m super excited to share with you two very special, and snazzy, Miele events:

Miele Night At Kieffer’s Appliances

We’re really proud of our Miele display.  It’s filled with ovens, ranges, dishwashers, hoods, cooktops, steam ovens, and a live coffee system (ask us for a cup the next time you’re in; we’ll bill ya later).


Check out this sweet panoramic shot I took with my snazzy iPhone.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Miele product, and have lots of questions, you must attend Miele night in our showroom on Wednesday May 27th from 6-8pm.  Our Super-snazzy Miele Rep, Howie, will be on hand to answer any questions that I can’t answer for you plus one lucky attendee will be entered to win a snazzy Miele Vacuum cleaner, model C 3 Kona.

C3 Kona Image

I want one!

Probably the best part about attending Miele Night, besides your chance to win a vacuum, is you get to meet a beardless Kieffer’s Guy.  Hurry though because I’m growing it back ASAP.

Riedel Veritas Wine Glass Tasting

Did you know that Miele’s North American Headquarters is in Princeton, NJ?.  It’s true, and they are always hosting some type of event.  Their next event is scheduled for Monday June 15th from 6-8pm.  And it will change your wine life forever:

Discover how the shape of the glass affects your enjoyment of the wine. Join us for an educational and entertaining wine glass tasting as a Riedel ambassador demonstrates the relationship between the shape of the glass and our perception and enjoyment of wines. Reception starts at 6:00 PM with comparative tasting beginning at 6:30 PM.

You have two ways to register:

Call 1-800-843-7231 ext 1002 or via email, princetoncenter@mieleusa.com.  Tell `em the Kieffer’s Guy sent you!

Bonus: Miele’s “No Better Complement” Promotion

I thought it would never happen!Miele has started a promotion that allows you to receive up to $,1000 towards your appliances. Keep in mind that this rebate is only running from May 1st to July 31st, so hurry in! Like any other promotion, some conditions apply and there are some rules to follow, but we can explain them all and walk you through it. Just give one of our salespeople a call.


Get It While It’s Hot!


That’s all for now, until next time, America!



Customer Kitchens: Part III

Hey Appliance Fans,

Here we are again with one of my favorite ongoing segments.  Our customer’s kitchens!  So often we work with our clients for months as they bring their project into focus.  We’re emailing, calling, and re-quoting back and forth.  Then they accept delivery and we never hear from the again.  We never get to see the final project.  Attention Kieffer customers, shoot me an email with your kitchen pictures and I’ll post `em.  And now onto the show!

A Kitchen Near and Dear to My Heart

I’m happy to brag that these are MY customers and their kitchen.  So let’s dive in and take a look:

Just stunning!

Just stunning!

I could go on and on about the wonderful use of colors and that incredible granite, but we talk appliances here so check out that awesome 36-inch wide GE Profile French door refrigerator.  This unit, model GFE29HSDSS, is actually a full-depth unit, but the kitchen design recessed the refrigerator into the wall to appear counter-depth while still giving my customers tons of capacity (29-cubic feet, if you’re counting).  We’ll get a better look at the microwave and wall oven here:


Here’s a combination you don’t see every day, a Sharp convection microwave with a trim kit installed above a 30-inch Electrolux Wave Touch oven.  Sharp’s microwave, model R930CS, doubles as a microwave and a small convection oven.  Will it roast the 25-pound turkey?  No, but it can bake potatoes or a tray of brownies with ease.  What does roast a 25-pound turkey is the Electrolux oven.  Model EW30EW55GS has the sleek and easy to use Wave Touch Controls and includes a Perfect Turley button.  It’s a self-cleaning oven with convection, easy glide racks, fancy blue interior, and multiple lights inside so you can see what you’re cooking.

Alert, Alert, Induction Cooktop Ahead

Alert, Alert, Induction Cooktop Ahead

I love when customers opt for an induction cooktop instead of an electric model because they perform far better and boil water much faster yet the strong glass top is just as easy to clean.  Kitchenaid’s 36-inch induction cooktop, model KICU569XBL, gives them plenty of room to cook.

In my opinion, chimney style hoods pair so well with cooktops, and since my customers have impeccable taste, they chose a hood from XO Ventilation.  Model XOS36S gives my clients the style they’re looking for and the proper power needed to exhaust smoke and grease.  Perfect choice, guys!

To the right of the sink is the dishwasher, and they hit a home run with a Miele.  Not only are Miele dishwashers super quiet, but they are also coated with a protective layer that resists pesky fingerprints.

Will all of the different brands of appliances incorporated into the design, this kitchen is a perfect example of illustrating that you don’t have to select the same brand of appliances for everything to look good.  Here’s another shot for your viewing pleasure:

Still waiting for my dinner invite, guys!

Still waiting for my dinner invite, guys!


Not a Kitchen But Still Blog Worthy

Heellllooo big screen TV!

Heellllooo big screen TV!

When your kitchen is already renovated, what more can you do with appliances?  Use them to complete an entertaining center of course!  That’s exactly what our clients did with their basement; turning it from a dark, dingy room to an entertaining powerhouse.

In case you’re wondering where the party is

In case you’re wondering where the party is

There is so much going on in this bar area I don’t know where to begin.  When in doubt, start with beer.  See the double tap on the counter?  That’s connected to a Summit 24-inch kegerator, model SBC490BIFRTWIN, and it holds two sixtels of your choice.  But it doesn’t stop there.

To the right of the beer tap is a Bosch 500 series dishwasher with a flush handle.  Model SHP65TL5UC features a third rack for cutlery, is ridiculously quiet, and even has stem ware holders for wine glasses.  Speaking about wine, there’s plenty in this basement.  Below the counter on the right sits two U-Line units.  The first is a 1000 series wine unit, model 1175WCS13.  This is a single temperature zone unit ideal for storing reds or whites.  My guess is they store reds in this unit because next to it is another U-Line piece, model 1175BEVS15.  Categorized as a beverage center, this unit has two racks for wine and a couple of shelves for beer, mixers, or whatever else they want to put inside.  Since this unit gets cold enough for beer, I bet they use the wine racks inside for white.

I know what you’re thinking, “they don’t have any ice for their guests.”  How wrong you are.  Below the counter and to the right of the sink is a Scotsman 15-inch ice maker.  Model DCE33PA1SSD produces up to 30 pounds of ice per day and stores 26 pounds at a time.  Considered a clear ice maker, it constantly makes fresh ice which means it needs to melt the old ice.  That’s no problem with this unit because it has a built-in pump which moves the melted ice (otherwise known as water) into the drain that’s connected to the sink.

If you’re not enthused about this bar area, then I’m pretty sure you don’t have a pulse and you should go see a doctor.  Here’s another shot for of the bar area:

Yes, please!

Yes, please!


I Saved the Best for Last

I’m not going to lie.  This next kitchen is pretty impressive.  Maybe impressive doesn’t quite cover what you’re about to see.  This is a family who loves to cook and it shows with their kitchen:

I’ll give you a moment to take this all in.

I’ll give you a moment to take this all in.

First of all, this design screams panel ready appliances.  Nearly everything is hidden behind the custom cabinet fronts.  Like the two Miele built-in refrigerators behind the center island.  But take a closer look.  See that arched hole in the center of the back wall?  That, appliance fans, is a WoodStone pizza oven.  These things are enormous and generate a ton of heat.  It cooks pizzas in about five minutes.  How do I know this?  Because we have one in our showroom and we make pizzas all the time.  But it’s not just for pizza.  Anything that goes into an oven can go into WoodStone’s pizza oven.  Now onto the range:

We have a BlueStar sighting!

We have a BlueStar sighting!

What you’re looking at is BlueStar’s new Platinum Series range, model BSP6010B.  It’s 60-inches wide and features ten burners.  The beauty of BlueStar’s Platinum ranges is their ability to insert a griddle or grill over two of the burners.  This is different from many other brands that feature built-in griddles or grills.  Incidentally, BlueStar ranges can be customized in over 190 different colors.  The one pictured is Jet Black.

Check out the coffee area!

Check out the coffee area!

Pictured above the sink and to the far left is a Miele coffee system.  This baby freshly grinds beans for every cup of coffee.  But it does way more than coffee, it makes killer espresso as well as foams milk for cappuccinos and macchiatos.  The appliance on the right is Miele’s built-in microwave.  Both units feature Miele’s Cleantouch stainless steel which is extremely fingerprint resistant.


In this image, we see a nice little trick being played on us.  Miele’s combi-steam oven is revealed behind the cabinet.  This steam oven is for more than just vegetables.  Breads, turkeys, and casseroles are ideal for steam ovens.

Check out that hood!

Check out that hood!

Hoods like this aren’t just hanging around a warehouse waiting to be purchased. No sir. This is a custom hood designed by, well I don’t know because we didn’t supply it for the customer. They had already purchased it before we arrived with the rest of the appliances.
That wraps up this edition of our customer’s kitchens. If you’d like your Kieffer kitchen featured on the blog, shoot me an email. I promise I won’t bite.

Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

The Kieffer’s Guy Visits Sub-Zero and Wolf!

Hey Appliance Fans,

Did you ever see the movie Jurassic Park?  During my visit to Wisconsin, home of Sub-Zero and Wolf, I kept being reminded of Jurassic Park.  More specifically the line that Richard Attenborough’s character kept repeating throughout the movie, “we spared no expense”.  That line kept running through my mind over and over as I visited the factory floor, the test kitchens, and the Westye F. Bakke Center (the training facility where schleps like me get invited to learn all about Sub-Zero and Wolf’s products).

It’s true.  They spare no expense when it comes to the quality of their products and their attention to detail.  Lucky for me, I was able to get an insider’s look that the public never sees and now I’m here to reveal all of their secrets!

Ok, not really.  I was able to snap a few pictures of their factory floor before being politely told that I can’t share them.  While I can’t show you that they test each and every Sub-Zero that rolls off of the production floor (unlike other brands that test a sample before shipping), you’ll have to trust me.  All of the top secret photos will remain on my iPhone for my own personal viewing—sorry, appliance fans.  But I can share with you some other goodies, like:

The Westye F. Bakke Center

The entrance to the Westye F. Bakke Center.

The entrance to the Westye F. Bakke Center.

Named for the founder of Sub-Zero (pronounced WEST-ie BACH-ee), the Westye F. Bakke Center is their education hub.  Filled with demo kitchens, a huge theater for presentations, and an eating area complete with a bar–my Irish side is happy.  Everywhere you look is some type of Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance.  Refrigerator drawers are filled with water and other beverages while their coffee systems stand ready to make coffees, cappuccinos, and espressos.  I personally put a dent in their coffee budget.

One of the demo kitchens at the Westye F. Bakke Center

One of the demo kitchens at the Westye F. Bakke Center

Remember when I said they spared no expense?  Check out the theater inside the center.  The stage literally lowers so they can load various Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances on it then the stage elevates back up for the next training session.  Like a freakin’ aircraft carrier.

This is full media center with a state of the art projection screen and sound system.

This is full media center with a state of the art projection screen and sound system.

Sub-Zero History

Still family owned, Sub-Zero is run by Jim Bakke (Westye’s grandson).  Would you believe that Jim and I go way back?  If you do, I have some land to sell you in Florida.  Anyway, before we entered the Sub-Zero factory, we had a chance to take a look back in time to see some of the history of Sub-Zero.  I love the headline on the display that reads, “The Mercedes of Refrigerators”.

Hey Mr. Jim Bakke, how do I score one of those sweet Sub-Zero Freezer Company retro shirts?

Hey Mr. Jim Bakke, how do I score one of those sweet Sub-Zero Freezer Company retro shirts?

While they no longer make freestanding refrigerators, they had some of their old models on display.  My best guess is that these are from the 1950’s or possibly 60’s.  I was amazed at how big they were on the outside, but how little room there was on the inside.  They’ve come a long way with the technology!

Eat Your Heart Out, Donna Reed.

Eat Your Heart Out, Donna Reed.

Did you know that Sub-Zero was the first refrigerator company to design a unit that accepts a cabinet front?  It’s true, but these old units below don’t come close to the panel ready units they produce now.  Notice the small stainless steel frame around the refrigerator on the left?  While this look is still achievable, their current units accept a wood front without the frame around the unit.  This leads to a much more integrated look within the kitchen.

Sub-Zero was setting kitchen trends from day one.

Sub-Zero was setting kitchen trends from day one.

Let’s get cooking!

Of course Sub-Zero and Wolf make some snazzy looking products, but it’s not just their looks.  It’s all about the cooking.  The heavy cross that I had to bear was almost too much—tasting all of the different foods that in-house Chefs Justin and Joel prepared for me.  Each dish highlighted the flexibility of Wolf’s cooking products like:

This was the first dish that made me realize that my diet is screwed for the week.

This was the first dish that made me realize that my diet is screwed for the week.

This is a shrimp taco.  There are many like them, but this one is (was) mine.  The tortilla was steamed using Wolf’s in-counter steamer (model IS15S) while the shrimp was expertly seasoned and then sautéed using a Wolf multi-function gas cooktop (model IM15S).  The topping included a lime slaw with a drizzle of crème fraiche.  I promptly devoured said dish.  Side note: while I’d probably kill for a Wolf range in my kitchen, my preference is an assortment of their module cooktops like the steamer, induction unit, deep fryer, and two burner gas cooktop.  I could do some serious culinary damage with a setup like that.

This is chef Joel winning over my heart as he prepares the shrimp tacos.

This is Chef Joel winning over my heart as he prepares the shrimp tacos.

Chef Joel continued to woo me when he prepared some fresh sushi.  Nevermind that Wisconsin is mostly landlocked.  This sushi was awesome.

Did someone say Sriracha?

Did someone say Sriracha?

Just when I thought Chef Joel would receive my everlasting love, Chef Justin decided to enter the picture.  It was almost like having Scarlett Johansson ask me out and then Sofia Vergara comes storming in and muscles poor Scarlett out of the way.  Decisions, decisions, right?  As much as I loved Chef Joel’s entrees, I simply couldn’t ignore Chef Justin’s masterpiece.  It was so good that I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.  Let’s take a look at the preparation:

This was the best dish during my trip.

This was the best dish during my trip.

What we see here is Chef Justin preparing a gluten free pasta (I swear I couldn’t tell the difference) with a roasted garlic and arugula pesto drenched in a white wine and cream sauce with copious amounts of fresh parmesan cheese.  The entire dish was prepared on a 60-inch wolf range that features a French top burner.  Seriously, call Sub-Zero right now and demand the recipe for this because it was to die for.

Just like my other appliance travels, I was treated with unbelievable hospitality from everyone at Sub-Zero and Wolf.  True to form, I embarrassed myself so much that I was asked to never come back, but thankfully I was able to enjoy all Sub-Zero and Wolf had to offer.  Will Jim Bakke have me back?  I really don’t know.  Jim, when are we doing this again, old friend?

Feel free to stop into the showroom and test my, dare I say, herculean knowledge of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.

Until next time, America!

21 Richest Chefs in the World

If their passion is making delicious food, making money is probably a side effect they don’t mind. I’m talking about the 21 richest chefs in the world. Thanks to our friends at SHS Online, we have a nifty info-graphic that outlines these chefs’ net worth.

Heading the list is Alan Wong with a whopping net worth of 1.1 BILLION dollars. Yes, that’s billion with a “B”. You may have heard of this guy, as he’s the co-founder of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, won half-a-dozen prestigious culinary awards, and cooks for the President on occasion. To put things into perspective: Alan Wong’s net-worth is higher than rest of the 20 other Chefs on this list, COMBINED, by about 300 million dollars!

Photo of Chef Alan Wong

This guy could buy the LA Lakers if he wanted to!

The list goes on, including some Chefs that double as TV personalities. Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Ray, and Anthony Bourdain are among the list. Who knew yelling “BAM!” would make Emeril LaGasse 50 million dollars?

Emeril Lagasse, BAM

Did you know that Emeril contributed several recipes to the meals aboard the International Space Station? BAM!

Check out the infographic below, and let us know what you think!

21 Richest Chefs in the World

Did you see the Kieffer’s Guy in there? …..Neither did I.

The New Miele Ranges Are Here!

Hey Appliance Fans,

The last installment of Mielevember comes to us on December 1st, and I’ve been saving the best for last. Ever since I’ve been in the appliance business, rumors swirled about Miele coming out with a range. Every time I asked Miele about it they kept telling me, “Shut up, Kieffer’s Guy. It’s coming, just be patient”. You’d think patience would be a virtue of mine considering I’m a Philadelphia sports fan and championships are few and far between; my goodness the Phillies championship in 2008 seems like forever ago. Anyway, back to appliances. The time has come and Miele is now ready to release their ranges into the appliance world! Let’s check out some images and learn all about them.

48 Inch Miele Range

A beauty shot of a 48-inch Miele Range

Miele Range Sizes and Fuel Types

Just like other manufacturers of pro-style ranges, Miele categorizes their models by widths. Induction and electric ranges are available in 30-inch sizes while gas models are available in 30- and 36-inch sizes. Dual-fuel models (gas cooking surface with an electric oven) are available in 30-, 36- and 48-inch widths. If choosing a range 36-inches or larger, you can select a burner configuration with a griddle or a grill.

30 Inch Miele Range

Here’s a 30 Inch range on display at Miele’s HQ in Princeton

36 Inch Miele Range

Another range on display at Miele’s HQ. This is a 36-inch model.

The Inside of Miele’s Ranges Matter

Attractiveness aside, Miele’s main goal with their ranges was to pack an abundant array of cooking options backed with powerful performance. Every gas or dual-fuel range features one 12,000 BTU burner (48-inch ranges feature two) while the remaining ones are rated at 19,500 BTU making them some of the most powerful sealed burners available. All burners feature a double-stacked design to provide maximum flame coverage for raging boils or minimal temperatures for gentle simmering.

While the burners tackle any surface cooking needs, the true celebrity in the design of Miele’s ranges are the ovens. Unlike other pro-style range manufacturers, Miele’s all gas ranges are self-cleaning. Two convection fans stand ready for convection broil and bake modes, and non-convection modes include speed heat, rapid PreHeat, broil, and bake.

Ovens in their dual-fuel, electric, and induction models raise the bar even higher by featuring all of the M Touch built-in oven characteristics including 21 different operating modes in an easy-to-use touch screen. The MasterChef program, which takes the guess work out of cooking, is the centerpiece of the oven functionality. With MasterChef, users interface with over 100 different automatic cooking modes including cycles for casseroles, cakes, cookies, and vegetables. Roasts and other meats always cook to perfection with the use of Miele’s wireless roast probe. This is a dramatic departure from competitors that still adopt the plug and play functionality to operate their probes. On top of the robust features of the ovens, each dual-fuel, electric, and induction range connects to a water line which provides steam bursts for keeping keeping foods moist during cooking.

Control Board on a Miele Range

This control board flattens when not in use. Available on electric, induction, and dual-fuel models.

Convection Fans in A Miele Range

Not one, but two convection fans in a Miele Range Oven.

Miele’s 48-Inch Range

The crowning achievement within Miele’s range lineup is their 48-inch range. Available in dual-fuel only, the 48-inch unit comes with eight M Pro Burners, or six burners and a grill or griddle. Below, a full-size oven with all of the M Touch oven specifications is ready to fit the largest turkey. Unlike other 48-inch ranges that have a companion oven in addition to the main oven, Miele’s 48-inch range includes a fully functioning speed oven (an appliance that functions as a microwave and a convection oven) with a warming drawer below. Rivaling some of the most advanced ranges on the planet, the Miele 48-inch range can microwave, bake, boil, and keep foods warm at the same time. Pretty impressive.

Miele 48 Inch Range

The oven on the left is a speed oven with a separate warming drawer below it. To the right of the speed oven, is a main convection oven.

We just had contractors from Miele visit our showroom to prepare our Miele display to house a 30-inch and a 48-inch range. These models will be on display shortly, so make sure to “like” our Facebook page for the announcement plus our sales staff is here to answer all of the questions you might have about Miele’s new ranges. Until next time, America!

Get Baking at Miele’s Headquarters in Princeton!

Hey Appliance Fans,

If you’re just tuning in, I’ve devoted the entire month of November to Miele and I’m calling it “Mielevember”. Similar to Movember, when guys get all grisly with their facial hair to raise awareness about men’s health issues, Mielevember is designed to raise awareness about Miele’s awesome line up of appliances. I’ll let you be the judge on what’s more important, raising awareness about men’s health or Miele appliances, but I’ll give you a hint: appliances are not as important as your health. But since this blog is about appliances and not a knock off of WebMd, I should get back to the subject at hand.

Baker’s Unite!

If you’re like me, you’ve never met a baked good that you didn’t like. I don’t discriminate. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, extra-large chocolate chip cooks, extra-large brownies, cake, extra-large cake; you get the picture. I want it all. I’ve been told that baking is a lot like chemistry when in fact it’s not like chemistry, it is chemistry. Too much egg here or too little flour there and all off of a sudden your blueberry muffins are more like baseballs. And there’s nothing worse than eating a baseball unless of course you’re a Phillies fan and watched the trash they put out on the field this season.

If you want to hone your baking skills, you don’t have to look any farther than Miele. There are a couple of reasons why they have such an impressive North American Headquarters. One, they want to show off all of their products. Two, they want to have events that demonstrate how well Miele appliances perform. The second reason is why you should be excited.

The Baking Bible Event At Miele’s HQ

Miele is hosting the “Diva of Desserts,” Rose Levy Beranbaum, on Wednesday December 10th at 6:30pm. Each attendee will receive a copy of Rose’s much anticipated book, The Baking Bible. You’ll have access to pick Rose’s brain on the best baking techniques during her Q & A session plus she’ll be signing copies of her book. The evening also features a live baking demonstration with Miele appliances while you enjoy a Champagne Dessert Buffet with recipes hand-picked by Rose.

Tickets are only 45 dollars and space is limited. Reserve your tickets now by contacting Miele at 1.800.843.7231 ext. 1511 or you can email Miele at princetoncenter@mieleusa.com.

Mielevember continues next week when I share news from Miele that is over a decade in the making. Until next time, America!

The Baking Bible Event At A Glance

When: Wednesday December 10th at 6:30pm

Where: The Miele Center at Princeton
9 Independence Way
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tickets: $45 per person. To register, contact Miele at 1.800.843.7231 ext. 1511.  Or via email, princetoncenter@mieleusa.com.

Miele's Baking Bible Event

Don’t Miss Out!

Miele Showroom Princeton, New Jersey

My Trip To Miele

Hey Appliance Fans,

You know what Movember is, right? It’s that time of year (the month of November) when real men like me grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues. Don’t be surprised if you come into our showroom and see some wonderful moustaches, beards, and maybe even a Fu Manchu on some of our salesmen. Not only is November “Movember”, it’s also Mielevember. What’s Mielevember, Kieffer’s Guy? Good question. Mielevember is the month that I celebrate all things Miele, and I’d like to start by showing you some images from my visit to Miele’s North American headquarters. By the way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce Miele, my favorite way to remember is that it rhymes with tequila (MEE-luh).

Unlike my visits to Viking’s HQ or Vent-a-Hood’s HQ, traveling to Miele isn’t a long trip. Located in Princeton, it’s just under a 90 minute drive to get my Pennsylvanian butt over to Jersey (or is it pronounced Joyzey?). For anyone seriously considering Miele appliances, it’s a great place to visit. Not only is the staff super knowledgeable, they are extremely friendly and helpful.

Miele Showroom Princeton, New Jersey

The entrance to Miele’s HQ. I think my one leg is shorter than the other. Sorry for the less-than-level picture.

Miele Cooktop Display

ooooooo cooktops and hoods.

Miele cooktops and hoods

Even more cooktops and hoods!

MIele Wall Ovens

All of the Miele Wall Ovens. ALL OF THEM!

Practically every Miele appliance is on display. From cooktops to wall ovens and coffee systems to refrigerators, anyone visiting Miele’s HQ can quickly get a sense of what it would be like to furnish their kitchen with Miele products.

If you’d like to schedule a visit at their showroom, give them a call at (800) 843-7231 ext. 1002 and tell them the Kieffer’s Guy sent you.

The next installment of Mielevember will talk about a very special event at Miele’s HQ that you can take advantage of, and bakers, you don’t want to miss this news.  Until next time, America!

Sub-Zero and Wolf’s Kitchen Design Contest

Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Design Contest Image

Attention, designers! Do you have an awesome kitchen design that features at least one built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator and a Wolf range, cooktop, rangetop, or wall oven? Want to submit your project and not only receive national recognition, but also some cash money? Want me to stop asking questions? Ok, fine.

Sub-Zero and Wolf is sponsoring their 2013-2014 Kitchen Design contest and it’s available for kitchen designers, architects, interior designers, builders, and remodelers plus it’s FREE to enter!

This is a great opportunity to show off your skills and earn some “street cred” for your work. The icing on top is the up to $45,300 in cash and prizes.

There’s just one catch: if you enter the contest because you read this post and win, you have to share a portion of your winnings with me, The Kieffer’s Guy.

But in all seriousness, you can find out everything you need to know by visiting the Kitchen Design Contest website.

Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

P.S. If you’re interested in seeing a boatload of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, you can visit our showroom.  We have over 2,000 square feet dedicated to the Sub-Zero and Wolf product line.

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Customer Kitchens: Part II

Hey Appliance Fans,

The Kieffer’s Guy is off today, and after much begging and brown-nosing, he let me have the honor of writing a blog post! So today’s post is brought to you by the Kieffer’s Intern! Please hold your applause until the end, and contain yourselves.

A couple of months ago  we asked our clients to send us pictures of their finished kitchens and you guys did not disappoint. As always, we will keep you anonymous while we showcase your before/after shots. Today’s kitchen re-model comes from Flourtown, Pennsylvania, and features some beautiful appliances. Let’s take a look.

Before Pictures:


Picture of old stainless steel double-oven in wooden cabinet

Historical records indicate that Abe Lincoln made hot pockets using this double-oven.

Past-model gas cooktop with under cabinet ventilation above

We received a call from the 70’s, asking us to return their funky-fresh tile work.

Older model stainless steel refrigerator sitting proud of the cabinets surrounding.

In the design world, there’s a concept called “Integration”. This is not it.


Now I know what you’re thinking, be nice. From what I understand, this was a very old house.  For the new kitchen, our client used a variety of brands such as Liebherr, Wolf, GE Monogram, Electrolux, Bosch, and Ventahood.  The transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

After Pictures:

Image of a GE Advantium Oven model ZSC2201NSS

Check out this Advantium Speed Oven, Model: ZSC2201NSS


GE Monogram is a wonderful brand and our client put it to good use. What you see here is GE Monogram’s built-in oven that features their famous Advantium Speedcook technology. This appliance can cook crescent rolls in less than 10 minutes!

An image of a GE Monogram Oven Model ZET1SMSS

Here’s a 30-inch convection wall oven from GE Monogram, Model: ZET1SMSS


In this picture, you see the 30” built-in wall oven from GE Monogram. The way it sits flush under that counter gives it a smooth, integrated look. Love it! Let’s talk about that fridge because it’s a beautiful example of integration.  What you see (barely) to the left of the oven is Liebherr’s 36-inch refrigerator with bottom freezer, model HC2061. Among a great number of features, this unit includes Liebherr’s patented BioFresh system, which calibrates the temperature of the refrigerator in one of its drawers to just above freezing which adds to the life of meats, fish, and other items.


Image of a Bosch dishwasher model SHX7PT55UC

Look at that sexy Bosch dishwasher, model SHX7PT55UC

You can’t just say “We have the quietest dishwasher in the country” and not have the data to back it up. This Bosch dishwasher clocks in at 42 dBA, making it about as loud as a whisper. Expandable wings on its flexible 3rd rack, also known as a cutlery tray, provides extra height to fit measuring cups and extra-large utensils.

Image of Wolf's 30 inch cooktop model CT30GS and a Ventahood, model SLH9130SS

Wolf’s 30-inch gas cooktop, model CT30GS with Ventahood’s 30-inch undercabinet hood, model SLH9130SS)

When it came to the cooktop and hood, our customer chose to keep the design the same, but she upgraded the hardware. This 30-inch cooktop from Wolf is fantastic. It has a dual stacked burner design that reaches upwards of 15,000 BTU’s, delivering tons of heat. You can also turn down for a simmer with no boiling or scorching.

Everybody knows the Kieffer’s Guy loves Ventahood, and for good reason. This unit, from their Emerald series, features Ventahood’s patented Magic Lung technology. Magic Lung technology allows Ventahood to have the quietest blower around. In stainless steel, it matches the cooktop perfectly, making for a beautiful cooking setup that is both functional and efficient. Great picks on the cooking and ventilation appliances!

Image of Electrolux washer EIFLS60LT and gas dryer EIMGD60LT

Titanium washer from Electrolux, model EIFLS60LT and matching gas dryer, model EIMGD60LT

Although not a part of the kitchen, the laundry appliances are very important. Here, our customer chose to go with an Electrolux pair.  These models feature Electrolux’s IQ-Touch Controls which lets you see all of your washing/drying options at all times.  The dryer boasts steam technology and the washer features a quick wash cycle that’s just 15 minutes long!

Well, that’s it for today, appliance fans! If you have any questions about any of the appliances in either one of the kitchens, give us a call at 215-699-3522.

Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Intern

BlueStar Day at the Kieffer’s Appliances Showroom – August 6th 6-8pm

Hey Appliance Fans,

It’s that time of year again!

I’m happy to announce that Kieffer’s Appliances will be hosting another BlueStar event on August 6th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Our friend and BlueStar specialist Steve Cramer will be to answer any and all questions. I will definitely try to be there, but I was unfortunately selected for jury duty.

Judge: “Welcome to Jury Selection, everyone..”


Blue Star Event Flyer. Wednesday, August 6th, from 6-8pm

Stop in from 6:00-8:00pm to get a great deal on a BlueStar and meet our Specialist!

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!