Customer Kitchens: Part II

Hey Appliance Fans,

The Kieffer’s Guy is off today, and after much begging and brown-nosing, he let me have the honor of writing a blog post! So today’s post is brought to you by the Kieffer’s Intern! Please hold your applause until the end, and contain yourselves.

A couple of months ago  we asked our clients to send us pictures of their finished kitchens and you guys did not disappoint. As always, we will keep you anonymous while we showcase your before/after shots. Today’s kitchen re-model comes from Flourtown, Pennsylvania, and features some beautiful appliances. Let’s take a look.

Before Pictures:


Picture of old stainless steel double-oven in wooden cabinet

Historical records indicate that Abe Lincoln made hot pockets using this double-oven.

Past-model gas cooktop with under cabinet ventilation above

We received a call from the 70’s, asking us to return their funky-fresh tile work.

Older model stainless steel refrigerator sitting proud of the cabinets surrounding.

In the design world, there’s a concept called “Integration”. This is not it.


Now I know what you’re thinking, be nice. From what I understand, this was a very old house.  For the new kitchen, our client used a variety of brands such as Liebherr, Wolf, GE Monogram, Electrolux, Bosch, and Ventahood.  The transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

After Pictures:

Image of a GE Advantium Oven model ZSC2201NSS

Check out this Advantium Speed Oven, Model: ZSC2201NSS


GE Monogram is a wonderful brand and our client put it to good use. What you see here is GE Monogram’s built-in oven that features their famous Advantium Speedcook technology. This appliance can cook crescent rolls in less than 10 minutes!

An image of a GE Monogram Oven Model ZET1SMSS

Here’s a 30-inch convection wall oven from GE Monogram, Model: ZET1SMSS


In this picture, you see the 30” built-in wall oven from GE Monogram. The way it sits flush under that counter gives it a smooth, integrated look. Love it! Let’s talk about that fridge because it’s a beautiful example of integration.  What you see (barely) to the left of the oven is Liebherr’s 36-inch refrigerator with bottom freezer, model HC2061. Among a great number of features, this unit includes Liebherr’s patented BioFresh system, which calibrates the temperature of the refrigerator in one of its drawers to just above freezing which adds to the life of meats, fish, and other items.


Image of a Bosch dishwasher model SHX7PT55UC

Look at that sexy Bosch dishwasher, model SHX7PT55UC

You can’t just say “We have the quietest dishwasher in the country” and not have the data to back it up. This Bosch dishwasher clocks in at 42 dBA, making it about as loud as a whisper. Expandable wings on its flexible 3rd rack, also known as a cutlery tray, provides extra height to fit measuring cups and extra-large utensils.

Image of Wolf's 30 inch cooktop model CT30GS and a Ventahood, model SLH9130SS

Wolf’s 30-inch gas cooktop, model CT30GS with Ventahood’s 30-inch undercabinet hood, model SLH9130SS)

When it came to the cooktop and hood, our customer chose to keep the design the same, but she upgraded the hardware. This 30-inch cooktop from Wolf is fantastic. It has a dual stacked burner design that reaches upwards of 15,000 BTU’s, delivering tons of heat. You can also turn down for a simmer with no boiling or scorching.

Everybody knows the Kieffer’s Guy loves Ventahood, and for good reason. This unit, from their Emerald series, features Ventahood’s patented Magic Lung technology. Magic Lung technology allows Ventahood to have the quietest blower around. In stainless steel, it matches the cooktop perfectly, making for a beautiful cooking setup that is both functional and efficient. Great picks on the cooking and ventilation appliances!

Image of Electrolux washer EIFLS60LT and gas dryer EIMGD60LT

Titanium washer from Electrolux, model EIFLS60LT and matching gas dryer, model EIMGD60LT

Although not a part of the kitchen, the laundry appliances are very important. Here, our customer chose to go with an Electrolux pair.  These models feature Electrolux’s IQ-Touch Controls which lets you see all of your washing/drying options at all times.  The dryer boasts steam technology and the washer features a quick wash cycle that’s just 15 minutes long!

Well, that’s it for today, appliance fans! If you have any questions about any of the appliances in either one of the kitchens, give us a call at 215-699-3522.

Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Intern

Thermador’s Steam Oven

Hey Appliance Fans,

Get your butt over to

Today we have a guest blogger, Brenda Kieffer, from   It’s a fantastic blog and she writes restaurant reviews, uploads recipes, and shares stories of the culinary type.  You should really check it out.  Anyway, here’s a little background information on today’s post: We just installed Thermador’s Steam Oven and it’s live in our showroom.  It’s awesome and you can cook sooooo many things in it.  IT’S NOT JUST FOR VEGGIES.  Brenda was tasked with developing a menu to be used in the showroom so we can cook awesome goodies for you, the customer.  So without further ado, I give you Chef Brenda Kieffer:

You already know my job is fun.  And sometimes I get asked to do something a bit off the grid-like test the new Thermador Steam Oven-so I went full steam ahead (ha, ha, get it?) and spent the day cooking in the showroom.  The staff was groaning by the time the last food was brought to the offices.  Not that it was so good-just that there was so much of it.  The challenging part about this testing was that I could not prep anything, it had to be food bought “off the shelf” from one of the two local supermarkets and I couldn’t do anything ‘cheffy” to it.  So buy it and go cook it-how most people feed themselves every day.

Installs into a 27" or 30" Cabinet.  Put it above a regular wall oven, microwave, coffee system, or by itself.

Installs into a 27″ or 30″ Cabinet. Put it above a regular wall oven, microwave, coffee system, or by itself.

So with my $100 clutched in my hot little hand, this little piggy went to market.  I bought fresh in-the-bag veggies, refrigerated and frozen ready to cook items and a few fresh raw products with bottled seasoning and went to work.  I had used steam cabinets professionally and loved the results, but they were basically the size of a refrigerator on wheels, so no go in any home kitchen I was familiar with.  At home I do the ice cubes in the bottom of the oven and a spray bottle full of water thing and it works reasonably well, but I was itching to try a steam oven that fit into a 30” cabinet and was designed for home use.  Many manufacturers are introducing a steam oven, so it must meet an unmet need-I was looking forward to finding out how it worked.

This steam oven will cook anything a regular oven will, as it has a straight convection mode, as well as a straight steam mode and a combo steam/convection mode in addition to a few other functions.  However, it is the steam function that sets this oven apart and what I was interested in.  You probably know bread benefits from steam, developing a chewy crust and a soft interior with the help of the moist environment, but it also makes cooking fish fairly fool-proof (it’s forgiving in the easy-to-do dry fish department) and generally cooks beautifully without a drop of fat.  For most things, you add fat, if you want, in the form of a sauce AFTER cooking, so you really are in control, especially if one person wants fat free/reduced and the other wants full fat food.  A steam oven can REALLY contribute to an easy, healthy diet.

A beauty shot from Thermador showing the steam oven’s flexible install and some amazing shellfish.

A beauty shot from Thermador showing the steam oven’s flexible install and some amazing shellfish.

So basically after filling the water reservoir to feed the steam and preheating the oven, I was ready to cook.  There are three levels with two pan slots each and four pans that come with the oven.  There is a bit of a learning curve to use the product, but if you remember a few basic principles, it all comes clear: 1) steaming needs the pan with the holes, with the solid pan below to catch the condensation and food drips. 2) baking need the solid pan.  3) roasting needs the rack and the solid pan.  Just as in boiling, dense vegetables, like carrots and potatoes will take longer than non-dense vegetables like eggplant.

Steam does not cook more quickly, it is meant to cook gently, so it rocks fish in particular.  I cooked scallops, meatballs, pork tenderloin, asparagus, salmon, packaged biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Turnovers and break ‘n bake cookies and it did a fantastic job on all of them.  I was particularly impressed with the frozen Goyza-cooked in 6 minutes with no sticking and no toughness.  Meatballs came out juicy WITH NO ADDITIONAL FAT!! and I even poached an egg…what can I say, I was getting creative.   But I was most impressed with the fish-this could really take the fear out of cooking fish for almost everyone.  Healthy and easy-what more could you want? A nifty addition to the home kitchen.

The Cinnamon Rolls turned out great and were quickly devoured by the sales staff.

The Cinnamon Rolls turned out great and were quickly devoured by the sales staff.

No, it does not do dishes.


Let Freedom Ring – Thermador’s New Induction Cooktop

Hey Appliance Fans,

Thanksgiving is finished for you, but not for me.  In lieu of the Thanksgiving feast, my father went out and bought a turkey.  A frozen turkey.  On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  If you’re laughing right now because you know there was no way that bird would defrost by Thursday morning, enjoy your laugh because you’re right.  Kudos to my mother for going out Wednesday and getting a fresh turkey breast to cook up.  Long story short—I’ll be roasting the now defrosted turkey in the coming days.  Anyway, I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you have an even better holiday season coming up.  And now onto the show…

Yup, I’m talking about Thermador again.  Why, you ask?  Because they keep innovating and innovating and innovating.  I’ll stop talking about them when they stop making cool products, like the Ultimate Culinary Center.  Before we talk about their new induction cooktop, you might want to brush up on exactly what induction is with my Induction Doctrine.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Ok, set aside all of the boring science behind induction and remember two things:

  • Induction only works with ferrous based (iron) cookware.
  • Because induction reacts with the iron in the pot, the cooking surface will only heat the surface area of the pot and nothing else.

Now you’re ready to learn more about Thermador’s new Freedom Induction Cooktop.

Freedom, For Real.

Featuring a sleek look, Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop won the Popular Mechanics CES 2012 Editor’s Choice Award.

Thermador calls it the Freedom Induction Cooktop because you can put a pot anywhere on the surface.  That’s right, you can put a pot anywhere on the surface.  To achieve this, Thermador designed tiny electro-magnets placed under the glass.  This gives the cooktop the ability to activate any portion of the glass and fully cover any pot you can put on it; in any direction.  What’s even cooler is that you have the ability to move a pot to a different portion of the cooktop and with a press of a button, the cooktop will automatically sense where the pot has been moved to and set the temperature in the new area to what it was set at in the previous zone.  Gone are the days of being stuck with burners in a specific size and specific place.

Stolen image of a Thermador prototype. These are the electro-magnets under the glass cooktop. Two Kieffer’s employees died smuggling this photo out of Thermador’s HQ. You’re welcome.

Here’s an example of the freedom you have using this cooktop. Put the pots anywhere you like!

Or arrange the pots like this…

Or this…

Thermador Pot Config 4

Or like this. Are you starting to get the picture?


This cooktop is so easy to operate.  A brightly lit 6.5” touch screen display can be easily read and makes operation of the cooktop a snap.  The screen boasts a full color display and operating it is very much like using a smartphone.


Hi-Tech. LOVE IT.

Here is Thermador’s super-duper rock star Graham Sadtler talking about the finer points of the Freedom Induction Cooktop.  That’s right Graham, I’m calling you a rock star!

Freedom Induction Features:

  • The overall usable space is sixty-three percent larger than any competitor.
  • The flexible design allows up for to 4 pots/pans/griddles in any combination, shape, or size to be used at once.
  • The touch screen operation is easily read and easily controlled.

Here’s another video of the cooktop in action at the 2012 International CES.  This is where the Thermador cooktop won the Popular Mechanics CES 2012 Editor’s Choice Award.  This really shows the awesome touch screen interface in action:

See It Live, In Person

I can write about this awesome appliance until I’m blue in the face OR you can just stop by our showroom and see it in person.  It’s even live in our showroom so I can show you just how fast it boils water.  Until next time, America.

-The Kieffer’s Guy

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

Ilve Ranges: Italian for, “I want one!”

Hey Appliance Fans,

I’ve mentioned before that working at Kieffer’s is a lot of fun because we have so many niche brands that you may not have heard of before; brands like WoodStone Home Ovens, La Cornue, and BlueStar.  This week, I want to discuss another niche brand: Ilve (pronounced ILL – vay).

Ilve is the second best thing to come out of Italy.

If you read the title of this article, then you know that Ilve is an Italian company and you also know that Ilve is the second best thing that comes from Italy behind Sophia Loren.  What you probably didn’t know is that they are based in Campodarsego and Ilve products are sold in forty countries.  Don’t ask me to pronounce the town name, but it’s about 30 kilometers west of Venice (thanks Wikipedia).  I’d also think that it’s safe to assume that the food in Campodarsego is awesome because, well… every town in Italy has the best food on the planet.  I once heard someone say that the Italians taught the world to eat.  Makes sense to me because it certainly wasn’t the Irish; although we do have potatoes on lockdown.  Actually, maybe it was a line I heard on The Sopranos.   I can’t remember, but it works for this blog post so I’ll take it.

Ilve Style

Unless you’re an idiot, you can’t help but notice how awesome the styling is on Ilve Ranges and it’s very reminiscent of La Cornue.  Let me be clear: I’m not calling you an idiot if you don’t like the styling.  I repeat:  I’m not calling you an idiot if you don’t like the styling.  But if you can’t notice that Ilve spends a lot of time detailing their ranges, please go read another appliance blog.

60" Ilve Range in Midnight Blue.  Warming drawer?  Check.

60″ Ilve Range in Midnight Blue. Warming drawer? Check.

While their ranges are available in a stainless finish, I can’t imagine why anyone would go in that direction because putting a color on an Ilve looks spectacular.    Chrome trim comes standard, but you can special order Brass or Oil Rubbed Bronze knobs and trim if you want.  In terms of color, my favorite is Midnight Blue, but there are a total of seven colors for you to choose from and a few different sizes:

Available in 60”, 48”, 40”, 36”, and 30” widths:

  • Midnight Blue
  • Graphite Matte Black
  • Antique White
  • Stainless Steel
  • True White
  • Burgundy Red
  • Emerald Green

Check out this video featuring an Ilve range and a really creepy chick:

Tell me she’s not a little overly excited and it comes across as super creepy?  Also, not everything featured in this video is available in the United States; specifically the range that is shown with a built-in deep fryer.  How cool is that, though?!

Ilve Cooking

Call me crazy, it’s been done before, but I imagine if you buy an Ilve you’ll eventually want to cook with it.  We’ve established that Ilve ranges look incredible so let’s examine some of the cool features Ilve offers.  Each oven features true European convection PLUS all of their ovens offer a built-in rotisserie (except the smaller oven in the 40” model).  I think I’ve mentioned my addiction to Boston Market chicken so this is a KILLER feature in my opinion.  Ovens can be set from 75 degrees to 525 degrees.  That’s a huge temperature range that can proof bread dough or bake pita bread (click here for a pita bread recipe).  Every Ilve range also has a warming drawer.  Located below the oven is a full-width drawer that captures residual heat from the oven above and pulls it into the drawer.  It’s important to understand that for the warming drawer to work, the oven must be on.

Ilve Range in Burgundy

48″ of Burgundy Deliciousness

These basins sit right on the griddle for perfect steaming!

The cooktop is really cool and you have a few options when selecting burner configurations assuming you purchase a 36” or wider model.  The “Fry-top” configuration features a griddle that can be pulled out and swapped with a grill accessory.  The “Coup De Feu” configuration features a French top.  The burners on an Ilve range feature one powerful 15,500 BTU triple ring burner with the other burners featuring different BTUs for different needs.  Accessorizing the cooktop is a snap with wok rings, steam cooking basins, and chopping boards that fit on top of the griddle.

Ilve Ventilation

If you decide to get a range with such unique styling as an Ilve, you probably want to match the range with a hood; especially if you get a range in color.  Ilve comes to play with a range hood powered at 600 CFMs with widths of 36”-60”.  Ventilation is boring so you only get three sentences.

If you ever want to see an Ilve in person, we have the 48” in Graphite Matte Black in our showroom plus a display featuring all of the accessories you can add to it.  That should be it for now.  Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

Ilve Graphite Matte Black at Kieffer's Appliances

Kieffer’s Appliances’ 48″ Ilve in Graphite Matte Black on display now.

BlueStar, An Iron Chef, and Kieffer’s Appliances

Hey Appliance Fans,

Recently on the blog I’ve been writing a lot about BlueStar.  Yes they are one of my favorite brands, but I’m really not trying to push one brand over another.  It’s never about what brand I like, it’s about what brand is the best for you and your needs.  Since BlueStar is practically manufactured in our backyard (Reading, PA), we’ve developed a really strong relationship with them so they give us some special opportunities.

The Opportunity

Jose Garces getting all Iron Chef on his BlueStar.

BlueStar likes to involve themselves with various charities.   I’m excited to announce that BlueStar will be donating a 30” orange range to benefit The Garces Family Foundation.  You know, the same Garces as in IRON CHEF JOSE GARCES.  This range will be displayed at Chef Garces’ JG Domestic Restaurant in Philly for a week and then…wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Then BlueStar is shipping this range to us to be displayed for two weeks before it’s auctioned off at The Garces Family Foundation’s Gala Event October 10th at The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.  That’s right America, we’ll be displaying an Iron Chef’s range.  So that makes Kieffer’s Appliances and me cooler than you could have ever imagined, right?  That’s a rhetorical question folks, please don’t answer it.

We’re celebrating this event by having not one, but TWO BlueStar Days.  Saturday September 29th and Saturday October 6th.  Stop in and learn all about BlueStar products like their French door wall ovens, French door ranges, their open burner design, and powerful infrared broilers.  If you’re lucky, I might even tell a few jokes or showcase my latest Vaudeville skit.

If you decide to purchase any BlueStar range; wall oven(s); or range hood on either BlueStar Day, you qualify for a FREE color upgrade.  That’s some big savings.  If you don’t want to color your BlueStar, you can choose to get a FREE burner configuration change (BlueStar will switch around their open burners to your specification).  Ordering a rangetop instead of a range?  No problem.  BlueStar will give you a free color upgrade on the knobs.

Here it is! In our showroom for two weeks!

So what are you waiting for?  Stop in and order your BlueStar on September 29th or October 6th and get your FREE color.  If you do, I have a little something extra to hand out to the first ten customers who order.  That’s all for now, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

BlueStar Precious Metals Collection

Hey Appliance Fans,

I’m so excited about today’s post because I get to spend some time talking about one of my favorite brands: BlueStar.  I’ve mentioned BlueStar in the past (see my post on open vs. sealed burners and BlueStar Day at Kieffer’s), but I want to specifically talk about their Precious Metals Collection because it mixes classic BlueStar power with an awesome new design and some new performance features.

BlueStar 101

A standard BlueStar 36″ Range in Orange.

If you don’t know already, Kieffer’s Appliances is located in Lansdale, PA  about forty-five minutes northwest of Philadelphia.  I’m mentioning this because BlueStar is manufactured in Reading, PA which is about an hour and twenty minutes west of us.  The current trend I see with our customers  is that they want to buy American made products, but they also want to support local businesses.  When you purchase a BlueStar range from us, you’re supporting TWO local businesses.  It’s an absolute home run.

If I had to sum up BlueStar in one word, that word would be “power”.  BlueStar Ranges are powerful and offer one of the most powerful open burners on the market today rated at 22,000 BTUs.  That’s tons of power to sear a steak, keep a huge pot of pasta boiling nicely, or wok the heck out of a stir fry.  Their ovens are some of the largest on the market and can fit a commercial size baking sheet.  Not many appliance manufacturers can say that.  Style is also important to BlueStar.  That’s why in addition to stainless steel, you can get a BlueStar range (or wall oven) in 190 different colors and get a hood to match!

BlueStar’s Precious Metals Collection

If you think BlueStar didn’t “bring it” before (you’d be crazy to think that), they are certainly “bringing it” now with their Precious Metals Collection (PMC).  Regardless of if you purchase the 30” or 36” range, you’re getting two 22,000 BTU burners.  Unlike the traditional BlueStar ranges that rate their other burners at 15k, the PMC ranges have 18k on the other burners.   If you are interested in the 36” Range, then you can swap out two of the burners and put in a French top, griddle, or grill.

An Infused Copper BlueStar with 4 Burners and a French Top.

Clearly the most noticeable change to the PMC collection is the French door instead of a pull down door.  Just like their walls ovens, these doors are dependent and will open no matter which handle you use (although you’ll want to close it using the left handle).  This is ultra-convenient when you’re holding a roast pan or baking sheet in one hand and need access to the oven.  Convection?  Check.  Gas Oven?  Check.  Super Capacity?  Check.  Awesome results?  Duh, it’s a BlueStar.

If you visit BlueStar’s website and look at the PMC section, you can get some really cool exclusive colors like:

  • Infused Copper
  • Statuary Bronze
  • Ginger Spice
  • Enchanted Silver
  • Enchanted Sand
  • Matte Black

Don’t think that those are your only choices.  No, no, no.  You can still get this range in ANY of the 190 colors that BlueStar offers.  Remember that you can get matching color knobs and knob trim on the range too!  And just so you know your range was made to your specifications, BlueStar will laser etch your name onto a nameplate under the far right knob.

Since I’m a huge fan of Batman and the new movie just came out, I’d probably get the matte black range (to match the Batmobile).  Though I tried to talk our fearless leader (Mr. Kieffer) into displaying a matte black BlueStar on our floor, he decided to ignore me (as per usual) and order an Infused Copper range with a griddle.  It’s gorgeous and now on display in our showroom!

I think Batman will need a bigger utility belt.

Our newest BlueStar on our Floor!

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

La Cornue – The Most Interesting Range In The World

Hey Appliance Fans,

Before we begin this week, I just had to show off my Best Use of Social Media Synergy Award from The Home Builders Association (Bucks-Mont & Del-Chester Chapters).  That’s right folks, two years running.  Am I a stud?  Probably.  Yup, probably.

La Cornue Chateau

Ignore the award and check out that La Cornue Chateau!!

Basically what I’m saying is if you don’t like us/friend request us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter or Pinterest or Houzz; and don’t check in on Foursquare when you stop by the showroom, then you’re totally lame and you need to get in on all of the action!  So do it!

Now onto the show…

You’ve heard of Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.  Comet and Cupid and Donner…


I mean, you’ve heard of Wolf and Viking and Miele and Thermador, but have you heard of La Cornue?   Most likely not, because La Cornue is like the Bugatti Veyron of cooking.  I’m not lying.  La Cornue is pretty intense and exclusive.  They do things their way and their way only which means you get uncompromising performance and style.  So in true Kieffer’s Guy fashion I’ll somehow weave pop culture with appliances so I have an excuse to get on YouTube and the interwebs WHILE I’M AT WORK.  Score.

Now there’s a lot of things the French don’t get right, like comedy and military conflicts, BUT they DO get a lot of stuff right like food, art, vanilla, and miming.  Sticking to the positive side of things is always the best choice and since I’m such a positive guy, I’ll concentrate on the positive things that the French bring us instead of the bad things: like how they worship Jerry Lewis as a comedic genius.  Really?  REALLY!?!!

Thanks Mr. Marceau for totally creeping me out.

Thanks Mr. Marceau for totally creeping me out.

La Cornue

La Cornue is a French Company that was founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy.  He set out to design an oven that would roast without drying out the foods he was trying to roast.  He succeeded by creating one of the first natural convection ovens in the world.  Fast forward to 2012 and La Cornue is still run by the Dupuy family.  If you’re a fan of the blog (OF COURSE YOU ARE) you might already know that I’ve mentioned La Cornue in the past.  J Lo put a Cornue Fe in her kitchen and you can read about it here.  They have a ton of options whether it’s brass accents or color, but what I love about La Cornue is the amount of burner configurations you can equip your range (or rangetop) with.  Keep in mind that La Cornue HAND MAKES their ranges so they can be customized to virtually anything you want. Check out this quote from La Cornue’s website:

“Even if you happen to be the Queen of England, you will have to wait at least two months for your Château La Cornue. We wouldn’t know how to make it any quicker.”

That’s right, Libby.  Even you have to wait.

Let’s dive into La Cornue starting with the big daddy on the block: The Chateau.

The Chateau can be enormous like the Grand Palais 180 which is 70.9 inches wide (Wolf and Viking’s largest range is 60 inches) or a more realistic 29.5 inches like the Chateau 75.  Every size offers a bunch of various burner configurations to keep you happy, like a French top, or a reversible griddle, or their regular burners, or their power burner, or electric plates, or lava rock grill, or…you get the idea.

La Cornue Chateau Range

Love at first sight.

By the way, there are a zillion color options and a catrillion trim options.  I’m not a mathematician, but I imagine that there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations to make your La Cornue range truly unique.  And let’s be honest, if it’s good enough for “The Most Interesting Man In The World” then it’s probably good enough for anyone:

If you only want to be “The Semi-Most Interesting Man In The World” (JUST kidding), then check out La Cornue’s Cornue Fe series. Anyway, available in 43” or 36” widths, Cornue Fes don’t have as many color and trim options; but they do provide you with a five burner cooktop with a center power burner rated 17,500 BTUs.  Plus the Cornue Fe is priced competitively with Viking and Wolf.  Check out the link below because I can’t embed the video to the blog.  Once you click the link, find the playlist menu (on the right side of the screen) and select the last track, “No Can Do”.  Not only do you get to listen to a classic Hall and Oates song, but you also get to see Daryl’s Cornue Fe installed in his studio kitchen.  Warning, this video shows a lot of dialog before the performance.  If you want to catch a glimpse of the Cornue Fe, fast forward to about minute three.  If you just want to skip to the AWESOME arrangement of “No Can Do,” go to minute minute three and forty-five seconds; however, I highly recommend watching the entire video.  It’s only ten minutes. 🙂

I could discuss that they offer matching cabinetry and could bore you to death with that, but I’d like to share with you my FAVORITE product that they make: The Flamberge Rotisserie.

The only cooking appliance I NEED.

The only cooking appliance I NEED.

As elegant as La Cornue is, I’m really glad that they’ve catered to a caveman like me.  Here is the perfect product that I can install in my wall and cook a variety of meats OVER AN OPEN FLAME.  I swear I would never use another appliance again.  I would rotisserieize (is that even a word??) EVERYTHING and would forgo eating anything that couldn’t be cooked in a rotisserie.  Except ice cream.  I’ll never give up ice cream.

We have an example of the Chateau AND the Cornue Fe in our showroom in case you’re interested.  Until next time, America!

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

Viking D3 Knobs

Viking’s New D3 Line

Hey Appliance Fans,

Last post was all about my awesome trip to Viking’s Headquarters in Greenwood, MS.  This post is all about Viking’s brand new line called D3.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t much of a fan of the old designer series.  Not because of the performance, but more because of the styling.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt this way and Viking agreed.  So Viking went back to the drawing board and came up with a really fresh look.  And they made it super easy to personalize (more on that in a second).

The Best Part About D3

The warranty, period.  Viking has extended their Three Year Signature warranty to include ALL D3 products.  That’s right, I said ALL D3 products.  I can’t think of another company that offers a three year warranty on their freestanding refrigeration let alone their cooking products.

The Look

Viking D3 Knobs

You can choose any color you want for the knob inserts or you can use wood from your cabinetry.

Viking stayed true to some of the look from previous series (like the full width black glass on their range and oven doors).  One thing that was lacking from previous designs was the knobs.  To put it simply, the knobs were gross.  Not anymore.  Viking’s knobs on the D3 product are much beefier and more pro-style than previous models.  The coolest part about the knobs is how you can personalize them to match your cabinetry or other colors in your kitchen.  The inserts that are blue in the picture can be colored to match anything you want.  You can even insert wood into the slots to match your cabinetry perfectly.  Just a small change like this makes a HUGE difference in the overall appearance of the appliance.  Viking also changed the style of their grates for the ranges.   Less sleek, more beef.  Score.

The Product Line

Viking D3 Double Wall Oven

Up close shot of the knobs and handles on the new D3 wall ovens.

If you’re familiar with the overall product line of Viking, then you know that they offer about 1.2 billion appliances.  This can get REALLY confusing for consumers and for idiot salespeople like me.  The D3 line, however, has twenty-two models.  That’s it.  Now I’m sure they will introduce more products into the line, but for now it’s very streamlined and I think this benefits the consumer because it doesn’t inundate them with some many choices.  Some highlights of the line are:

30” Ranges (all self-clean): Gas, Dual Fuel, and Electric

30” Wall Oven: Double or Single

Microwave: One built-in option or two over the range options (one traditional and one with convection)

Cooktops: 30” & 36” Gas or 30”, 36”, & 45” Electric (no induction……yet)

Refrigeration: 36” Counter Depth French Door with internal water and ice– AWESOME refrigerator

Dishwashers: Two options

Ventilation: 30” & 36” Chimney Style (both with the option to recirculate).  30”, 36”, & 45” Downdrafts

Warming Drawer: One option at 30” wide


Viking D3 Gas Range

New grates, new knobs, all the power you need.

How about an 18,000 BTU power burner on their gas ranges?  Cooktops have a 17,000 BTU burner.  Is that enough power?  Plus D3 convection ovens boast the largest convection fan in the market (8 ½“).  Oh, and it’s bidirectional for maximum heat coverage in the oven.   Anyone impressed that I used the word bidirectional?  No?  Fair enough.

D3 at Kieffer’s Appliances

In the not too distant future, we’ll have a sweet display of the D3 line in our showroom.  I’ll be sure to tweet all about it and I’m sure write a quick post with some pictures.  In the meantime, get off your keister and friend us on Facebook:

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Thermador Pro-Grand Steam Range

Thermador’s 48″ Pro-Grand Steam Range

Hey Appliance Fans,

Maybe you’ve heard of Thermador.  Maybe you haven’t.  Either way, they’ve been changing the kitchen appliance landscape for over 50 years.  I’m not making this up.  They were the first company to develop a built-in wall oven for the home.   Then they were the first company to introduce a white wall oven.  Funny how we take white wall ovens for granted, but SOMEONE had to be the first to create one.

Here’s just a small list of innovation courtesy of Thermador.

Julia Child thought Thermador was good enough to use on her TV program.   After her show went off the air, she donated her entire kitchen to The Smithsonian.  So, yeah, you can go to The Smithsonian Institute and see a Thermador product.  You know, the same museum that displays the Wright Brother’s Airplane.  Yeah, THAT Smithsonian.

Thermador was even good enough for the best I’m-a-kid-home-from-school-sick-television-show: The Brady Bunch.  Yup, if it was good enough for Alice to cook on, then it’s good enough for you, right?  Right.

So to continue with the innovative tradition that Thermador is known for, they developed what might be the COOLEST range on the planet today: The 48” Pro-Grand Steam Range aka “The Ultimate Culinary Center”.

Thermador Pro-Grand Steam Range

Convection Oven, Convection Steam Oven, and Warming Drawer in ONE Range.

The most innovative range in the world.

This range features the Thermador signature Star Burners.  Five of the burners are rated at 18,000 BTUs and it has one burner that’s 22,000 BTUs.  That’s the most powerful sealed burner that I can think of off the top of my head.  Four of the burners have the ExtraLow simmer feature.  That means they can simmer as low as 100 degrees!   You also get a griddle with the option to swap out the griddle for Thermador’s grill insert.

No sides on the warming drawer for easy access!

Most 48” ranges that you’re familiar with come with two ovens.  A large one and a small one.  I’m sorry to say that Thermador doesn’t offer this in their Steam Range.  You’ll just have to deal with Thermador’s FULL SIZE CONVECTION STEAM OVEN AND A WARMING DRAWER in addition to the large main convection oven.  You heard me right, it has a steam oven and a warming drawer BUILT INTO the darn thing.  Remember that this steam oven is the EXACT same steam oven that can be installed into a wall so it has all of the built-in cooking programs and the other bells and whistles that come with the steam oven.  The doors of the range are one of the coolest features.  Thermador calls them SoftClose.  I call them anti-slam because every door is impossible to slam.  Do you understand how innovative Thermador is now?  I’m sure you do.

If you’ve ever been into our showroom, then you know that we feature some really, really cool stuff.  We’re proud to announce that Thermador’s Steam Range is now displayed in our showroom.  Right next to the Wood Stone Home pizza oven.

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-The Kieffer’s Guy