Wood Stone Home Oven From Kieffer's Appliances

Wood Stone Home Ovens

Wood Stone Home Oven From Kieffer's Appliances

Wrap it in stone, or brick, or pretty much whatever you want!

Hey Appliance Fans,

One of the major reasons why I LOVE working at Kieffer’s Appliances is because in addition to the mainstream brands, we carry so many niche companies that do some REALLY cool stuff (see my Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet posts).  We just picked up a brand that is JUST as cool: Wood Stone Home Ovens.

These are ovens are serious.  Real serious.  How so?  Glad you asked.

Indoors or Outdoors:

I’ve mentioned in the past how we are seeing a growing trend of homeowners forgoing building their dream home and instead upgrading their existing homes with dream kitchens and outdoor kitchens.  Well, Wood Stone hits a home run in both categories because most of their ovens can be installed indoors or outdoors.  As you can see from the picture, this Wood Stone Home Oven has been wrapped in stone.  You can also wrap it in stucco, brick, and a bunch of other materials.

Don’t have natural gas?  No problem.  It works with liquid propane.  Don’t have liquid propane?  No problem.  It works with natural gas.  Want to add some wood for some extra flavoring?  No problem.  Most all Wood Stone Home ovens can use wood too!

Regardless of an indoor or an outdoor installation, the best part about having a Wood Stone Home Oven is cooking with one because it is such an interactive experience.  Your family and friends will gather around and build their own pizzas or simply congregate to watch everything cook away.  A Wood Stone Oven will quickly become the focal point of your kitchen indoors or out.

It’s Just For Pizza

Wood Stone Home Oven in Kieffer's Appliances Showroom

This is our Wood Stone in our showroom. Come check it out!

WRONG.  It makes great pizza (thanks Brenda from www.kiefferscooks.com for making a maple, sausage, and apple breakfast pizza.  It was amazing!), but you can cook anything in it.  How about breads, shrimp (don’t leave shrimp unattended in this oven, it can get up to 850 degrees), steak, veggies, and chicken? Cooking a pork shoulder or brisket can be done by utilizing the residual heat from the unit after it has been turned off.  The bottom line is that the sky is the limit with this oven and you’re only limited by your imagination.

It’s Live in Our Showroom

How could we carry such a unique piece like this and not have it be live in showroom?  Don’t worry, it’s totally live in our showroom and I’d totally like to show it to you.  Totally.

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-The Kieffer’s Guy

Completing The Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchen

Hey Appliance Fans,

We’re down to our final week of discussing Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet’s fantastic products for your outdoor kitchen.  So far, I’ve discussed their grills and their Artisan Fire Pizza Oven…so what’s next?  Well, Kalamazoo offers a myriad of other accessories like cabinets, refrigeration, etc.  So let’s visit some of your options.


A while ago, I posted an article about the basics of an outdoor kitchen: A grill, refrigeration, and storage.  I figured I’d start with storage because it’s probably the most boring (but needed nonetheless).  Turns out, however, that Kalamazoo’s storage isn’t boring at all for two reasons:  first, they have a TON of options and second, they are designed with tiny rain gutters that captures rain and channels it away from the doors.  These are seriously water tight cabinets.  Just like with their grills, they use a very high-quality grade of stainless steel.

While we’re on the topic of storage, allow me to make you aware of their warming cabinet.  Note that I said cabinet NOT drawer which means you have 4.7 cubic feet of storage area inside the unit.  Complete with two full-extension shelves (with an option to add a third), the cabinet even has a lower water shelf that helps to maintain temperature when opening and closing the door PLUS it helps to keep foods moist.  The lowest shelf holds up to six sterno heating units that keeps the cabinet warm.  Light two or up to six at a time for the optimal temperature to keep your grilled masterpieces’ fresh.


Refrigeration drawers, freezers, wine chillers, KEG TAPPERS, refrigerators, beverage centers, clear ice makers….are you getting the picture?  Ummm, yeah, just like their cabinetry you have TONS of options when it comes to refrigeration.  Check out this statement from Kalamazoo:

“Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet refrigeration brings dessert to the desert. Our outdoor freezers will keep ice cream frozen indefinitely, even in a Tucson summer. In fact, our 25-unit line of outdoor refrigeration is the only collection available that is proven to maintain the set internal temperature when it is as hot as 110°F outside.”

Beer (or root beer) for all!

If I were King of America (and I’m working on this Appliance Fans, but I’m running into a little problem called democracy), I would make it law that beer would be served at all picnics.  Obviously Kalamazoo is preparing for my coronation because they have 15″ and 24″ keg tappers — score!  Side note, we have the 15″ keg tapper on display at our showroom and our fearless leader Mr. Kieffer told me to order a customized beer tap with the Kieffer’s logo on it.  Side note to my side note: I get to write blogs and order beer taps.  How cool is my job?!?!

The Coup de Gras

I’m a terrible speller and I frequently have to google words to make sure that I spell them correctly.  Coup de Gras was no exception.  After confirmation of my spelling, I noticed it’s definition:

1. a mortal or finishing blow, esp one delivered as an act of mercy to a sufferer

2. a final or decisive stroke

Although definition 1 is awesome, we don’t live in medieval times (yup I googled medievel to check the spelling) and I’m not wearing a suit of armor.  Definition 2, however, applies more to make my point: The Coup de Gras is an OUTDOOR DISHWASHER.  This is the only outdoor dishwasher that I know about and man is it cool:

  • Stainless steel exterior and interior are low maintenance and durable
  • Protected electronics and wiring last through the coldest winters, hottest summers
  • Simple winterization steps allow it to be stored outdoors, even in the coldest winters
  • Holds up to 12 full place settings
  • Six wash programs and six wash temperature settings up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Uses as little as 3.8 gallons of water per load. Wash system features sensors that determine the appropriate amount of water use for each load
  • Quiet operation at 48 dBA

In Summary:

Kalamazoo grills can use charcoal, gas (or liquid propane), or wood as fuel sources.  They have an outdoor pizza oven.  Their refrigeration and storage is second to none.  They offer the only outdoor rated dishwasher on the market.  What’s missing from this picture?   You stopping into our showroom to check out our Kalamazoo display!  Until next time, Appliance Fans!

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie

Hey Appliance Fans,

BOOM! Pizza in your backyard, baby!

So last week, I discussed how ridiculously awesome Kalamazoo’s Hybrid Fire Grill is.  Apparently, that wasn’t enough for my readers (you guys are so demanding, sheesh!), so let me talk about my favorite product from Kalamazoo: The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven.  That’s right, I said pizza oven.  A pizza oven that goes with your outdoor kitchen.  Just so we’re on the same page, I said a PIZZA OVEN FOR YOUR OUTDOOR KITCHEN.  Next to the Phillies winning the World Series or Catherine Zeta-Jones asking me out on a date, is there anything cooler?  Probably not.

The most important aspect of the pizza oven is that it has two burners.  One for the top and one for the bottom.  Independently controlled temperature settings means you can cook any style of pizza: Neapolitan, Chicago, New York, etc.  Want a crispy crust?  Turn the bottom burner up.  Temperatures in the pizza oven can range from 350 to 800 degrees.


I really don’t know why I’m devoting a whole section to installation because there really isn’t any install needed.  All you need to do is sit the oven on your counter top, hook up the liquid propane or natural gas line, and you’ll be enjoying pizza in about twenty minutes.  Don’t want to put it on your counter top?  No problem.  Kalamazoo offers a stand for the oven.

Getting Creative:

A thing of beauty.

Yes, it’s called a pizza oven and yes it makes awesome pizzas, but let’s think outside of the box.  How about making calzones?  Strombolies?  How about baking breads?  YUM.  I’m dying to try some kind of fish dish in this oven.  This oven feels so rustic and earthy that I imagine baking a whole fish with herbs and other goodies– creating a meal that is reminiscent of a small, mediterranean fishing village.  I might have to turn my idea over to our culinary department (www.kiefferscooks.com) to make it a reality.

Going Live

In our showroom, there are only a select few appliances that are “live” — Viking’s hybrid induction range, Miele’s in wall coffee system, U-Line’s fridge/ice maker, and a Bosch dishwasher.  We’re now adding the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven to that list.  Obviously it goes without saying that the arrival of the pizza oven has everyone in the showroom VERY excited.  As I write this, we’re planning some pizza events with Brenda Kieffer (our in house chef).  I can’t wait to taste some of her creations!

Pizza Oven At a Glance

•  Double-walled stainless steel construction for easy cleaning
•  24″ x 18″ professional cooking deck
•  Stone-lined roof for perfectly-browned toppings
•  Two custom stainless steel gas burners for balanced control
•  Liquid propane or natural gas
•  Counter-top design requires no installation
•  Door keeps interior clean when the oven is not in use
•  Overall dimensions: 30.125″ W x 30″ D x 19.5″ H
•  Pizza Master’s Essentials Kit available

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-The Kieffer’s Guy

Cha Cha Changes

Hey Appliance Fans,

BAD Kieffer’s Guy!  BAD KIEFFER’S GUY!  I know, I’ve been MIA lately and I apologize.  We’ve been super busy here in the showroom which brings me to the feature of today’s post: Cha Cha Changes.  Why changes?  Because we’ve changed our showroom around to include our new Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet display.  Here at Kieffer’s, we’re uber-super excited because we’re one of only 25 dealers in the country to carry Kalamazoo.  Never heard of Kalamazoo?  Don’t worry!  For the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting all about Kalamazoo’s outdoor products.

Just some of the options from Kalamazoo

“I May Never Cook Indoors Again” – Chef Rick Bayless

Cook with Gas, Wood, OR Charcoal. Your choice. SWEET!

Forget about your indoor kitchen.  Kalamazoo only provides outdoor products (grills, refrigeration, cabinetry, etc.) and in typical Kalamazoo fashion, they differ from everyone else on the market today.  Why you ask?  Because their grill can do what no other grill on the market can do– cook with THREE different fuel sources: gas, wood, OR charcoal.  Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill.

Load the drawers up with charcoal or wood!

How can Kalamazoo give the outdoor BBQ warrior the choice of cooking with three fuel types?  Simple.  They incorporate drawers into their grills.  It’s that easy.  Now you can enjoy all of the flavor that wood adds to grilling or, to save time, just fire up the gas burners.

Hybrid Fire Grill At A Glance

• The ability to cook with wood, charcoal, and gas
• Powerful Brass Burners
• Custom laser-cut cooking surfaces
• Side-mounted smoker box
• Fully-framed structural design

Stay tuned for next week’s post.  I’ll continue to discuss all of the cool products that Kalamazoo offers for your outdoor kitchen.  In the meantime, take a peek at our Kalamazoo display in our Lansdale, PA showroom:

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

Get Grilling at our Wolf Grilling Event – Friday May 6th!

Hey Appliance Fans,

Get a first-hand taste experience with Wolf this Friday!

This week I have a very short and to-the-point blog post for you.  The past couple of entries have been about outdoor kitchens and all of the cool products that can accompany your outdoor kitchen.  How could I possibly top these posts?  Great question.  How about I set up a Wolf Grill in our showroom and cook up some goodies for lunch?  You like that idea, don’t you?

Well, I’m making this a reality.  That’s right folks, this Friday (May 6th) from 11am-1pm our friends at the Fretz Corporation (our distributors for Sub-Zero & Wolf, Asko, Best by Broan, and Franke) will be stopping by our Lansdale, PA “Super” Showroom with a Wolf grill to help us kick off grilling season!

This is a great opportunity to learn all about Sub-Zero & Wolf outdoor kitchens products AND get some food as well.  As of right now, the weather report forecasts a great day (thanks iPhone Weather Channel App) so I hope to see you there.  Shoot me an email if you want to come so I can add you to our guest list!

When: Friday May 6th – From 11 am until 1 pm.
Where: Kieffer’s Appliances “Super” Showroom – 785 Sumneytown Pike Lansdale, PA 19446

Ice Ice, Baby

Hey Appliance Fans,

I won, I won!

I’m proud to announce that you are now reading a blog written by an award winning blogger!  That’s right, my blog (I mean the Kieffer’s Appliances Blog) won a Home Builders Association of Chester & Delware Counties Pyramid Award.  The category was for “best use of technology, new media source, or animation”.  Clearly this blog uses technology, blogs are new media sources, and I feel that I’m VERY animated when I write so I’m guessing this blog was an easy choice for the awards committee.  Thank you to all the little people that helped make this all possible!

I promise I won’t let this go to my head, but I hear the natural progression in the awards circuit is winning a Pyramid award and then winning a Pulitzer.  So I guess I’m halfway there.  Score!  Next up: world domination!

And now, onto the show!

Ice Ice, Baby

Today, we are covering all types of ice.

A question that I get asked all of the time is: what’s the difference between clear ice (sometimes called bar ice) and regular ice?  Drum roll please…………….clear ice is clear whereas regular ice is cloudy.  I know what you’re going to say, “DUH, Kieffer’s Guy”, but there are some other differences too!

Blame the particulates

Duh, clear ice is clear.

The reason that regular ice is cloudy is due to particulates.  If you clicked on the particulates link, you probably got REALLY grossed out.  DON’T WORRY!  The particulates in your water at home aren’t going to harm you, so please stop freaking out.  I use regular ice all the time and I’m…..ok maybe I’m not normal, but it’s not because of the ice.  Particulates also help to absorb flavors.  That’s why your ice at home might taste like fish, onions, or whatever stinky food you store in your refrigerator.  The main reason that you don’t get flavor transfer, is because these clear ice machines are independent units.  Surprise surprise, if you put a clove of garlic in your ice maker, you’ll get garlic ice.  If you’re serving a Tuna Martini, maybe you want some fishy flavor in your ice, but I’m guessing that’s not what you want.

How do clear ice machines remove the particulates?  GREAT question.  Basically these clear ice machines make ice in a totally opposite way than your refrigerator does at home.  The moldings (chiller plates) for the ice cubes in a clear ice machine are upside down and the interior is set to an exact temperature of 32 degrees.  Water with a heavy amount of particulates won’t freeze at 32 degrees.  It actually freezes at a lower temperature.  The clear ice maker shoots bursts of water up into the ice cube molding and the particulates begin to, for lack of a better term, fall out of the water as the purer water above the particulates freezes.  Make sense?  Yes/No?  Email me with your questions.

Benefits of Clear Ice

First off, it’s really cool (every pun intended).  When you drop clear ice into a liquid, it seems to disappear within the liquid.  I discussed another benefit earlier in the post about the lack of flavor transfer into your ice.  Yet another benefit of clear ice is less “fizzing” when used with carbonated liquids (I would have said beverages, but I’m not a big fan of the word beverages and try not to use it unless I HAVE to).  Less fizzing makes every home bartender happy.

Final Thoughts

Indoor and outdoor clear ice makers are available.  In fact, there are some units that combine a clear ice maker on one side and a small refrigerator on the other side.  Just like every other type of appliance, you have choices.  Also, make sure to read the owners manual and check any routine maintenence procedures that must be followed.

Some brands to consider:

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Outdoor Kitchens, Part II

Hey Appliance Fans,

So we’re a little over a week into the baseball season, and my Phillies are kicking butt.  For most of my life, the Phils have been the bottom feeders of baseball, so it’s VERY nice to see them dominating the competition.  In my last post, I discussed the basics of an outdoor kitchen (grill, refrigeration, and storage).  This week, I want to dive into some of the super cool accessories that you can add to an outdoor kitchen to take it to the next level.  By no means am I going to be able to cover them all (that’s why we have sales people in the store to help you), but I will highlight some of the coolest options out there.

Probably the most depressing aspect of having an outdoor kitchen is when the summer season comes to an end and temperatures start to drop.  That’s why getting one (or two or three) of these outdoor heaters will extend the amount time you can enjoy your new outdoor masterpiece.  I’m sure you’ve seen these at restaurants before.  Why not get one for your house?  DO IT.

Probably not the best idea to invite him to your party.

Grilling and adult beverages go hand in hand and who the heck wants to have to walk back into the house to grab a beer?  Although there might be a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, why waste that space with bottles of beer when a whole keg will do!?!?  I’m not trying to get sexist here, but in my opinion this is clearly a boy’s toy.  Go ahead, show this to your husband or boyfriend and watch his eyes light up.  It works every time.

Ok, so maybe the last statement about the beverage dispenser was a bit sexist, so let me equal the playing field.  I’ve seen a couple episodes of “Sex and the City” and I know that all of the women on the show LOVE their Cosmopolitans (click the link for a recipe).  So if the men can have their beer, then the woman can have their cosmos with a built-in cocktail station or a free-standing cart model.

Cosmos, Rum & Coke, Mojitos, and more!

One of our salesmen, Ryan,  just moved into a new home (actually he calls it a farm).  I haven’t been there yet, but apparently his neighbor has horses so that makes his home more of a farm than my apartment.  Anyway, last weekend he made some smoked brisket and he hit a HOME RUN with it.  It was absolutely off-the-charts.  Aside from the beer dispenser, the next coolest accessory has got to be the built-in smoker by Viking.  I really can’t think of anything that doesn’t taste good smoked (can you?).  Not only can you smoke meats in this unit, it also has a setting for “cold smoking” which is perfect for smoking cheeses.  Smoked gouda anyone?  YUM.

This still isn’t enough accessories for you?  How about an ice maker, wall ovens, warming drawers, trash receptacles, wok burners, or some regular gas burners?  I’m sure you can already see how many options one has besides just a grill.  So before you go out and get some dinky grill, think about how your backyard can become a backyard oasis by building an outdoor kitchen.

As mentioned in my last post about outdoor kitchens, here are some companies to consider (and yes, we carry all of them):

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

Spring is Right Around The Corner!

Hey Appliance Fans,

This is not photo-shopped. Mt. Rushmore now looks like this.

If you’re in or around the Philadelphia area, we had two GORGEOUS days in a row the other week and it reminded me that Spring is just around the corner.  Then it snowed and we got two inches.  Bummer.  What’s the other reminder that Spring is right around the corner?  BASEBALL. And if you happen to have a pulse, then you know that my Phillies have put together the greatest starting pitching staff in the universe.  Can anyone stop us?  That remains to be seen, however, you KNOW that other teams are quivering underneath their uniforms (I’m looking at you, Mets’ Fans).

Side note – My colleagues couldn’t believe that it has taken me this long to mention baseball.  I’m a HUGE fan.

Spring reminds me of baseball and baseball reminds me of hot dogs and hot dogs remind me of grilling and grilling reminds me of outdoor kitchens.  Are you following this stream of consciousness?  Good.  So let’s talk about outdoor kitchens!

I know I'm here to talk about appliances and the Viking products in the foreground are awesome, but WOW how about those mountains!!!

Into the Great Outdoors

With the housing market not being as stellar as everyone would like, we’re finding that our customers are staying in their homes instead of moving, BUT they are making significant upgrades to their kitchens and other areas of the house.  In addition, families are traveling less and enjoying “staycations” so there is even more of a demand for functional, outdoor living areas.  Check out my posting about home ownership trends here.

Maybe you’ve put in a swimming pool (make sure to outlaw speedos at your pool), invested in some fresh landscaping, and built a paver patio to complete the look. You know what’s missing?  The outdoor kitchen.  Just like everything else in this world, things change and we’ve moved well beyond that dinky charcoal grill that looks like it would tip over if a feather hit it.  The basic components of an outdoor kitchen are: a grill, refrigeration, and storage.   For the next blog post, I’ll dive into all the cool accessories that you can add to your outdoor kitchen, but for now, let’s stick to the basics.


As mentioned, the grills out in the market today are just plain sick.  They can come with rotisseries, searing stations, extra burners, and more.  Choose from a built-in or cart model.  If built-in, a gas line can be installed or you can use a propane tank.  There is a size for everyone too: 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″.

Brands of grills to consider:


Note the highly attractive chickens spinning gingerly on the grill. Please supply me with an adult beverage and I'll be good to go.

While some people might enjoy sunbathing their hamburgers for a couple of hours before grilling them (ever see that TV show Bizarre Foods??), most of us like to avoid salmonella.  That’s why refrigeration is super important to an outdoor kitchen.  Again, you have options.  Go with some under-counter units or refrigerator drawers.  The bottom line is this: get some type of refrigeration.  I haven’t met anyone who enjoys food poisoning.

*Tip: Make sure to read the user’s manual for your outdoor appliances– refrigerators especially.  There are operating temperatures that should be followed and if you live in a cold climate, make sure to shut down your units in the winter.  (all you people in California with your outdoor kitchens can get the heck off of my blog.  Yes, this is me being jealous).


Does anyone really want to keep running back and forth between the patio and the kitchen to get all the little things that they forgot?  Of course not.  That means planning some storage is critical to an outdoor kitchen.  All of the companies I mentioned offer drawers, carts, and other storage options to hold anything from hot dog buns to plates to Jimmy Hoffa (if we ever find him).

Because America and the Internet equally ROCK!

Powered by a Hemi engine. This grill is also used to help men feel more manly. I've ordered one.

I’d like to wrap up the post by sharing this wonderful picture with you.  Nothing quite captures the inner caveman feeling that all men crave than cooking a piece of meat on an open flame.  What else do men crave?  Big engines.  So what could mankind do to satisfy both of those needs?  LOVE IT.

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!

-The Kieffer’s Guy